IEREK Workshops 2024

Brief Introduction

IEREK offers workshops to Practice, exchange and enrich knowledge to inspire researchers, and develop their capabilities to impact the ever-changing world. IEREK workshops are crucial to researchers and students whether Under-graduates or post-graduates. Workshops in IEREK help the audiences engage and stay motivated. Workshops are considered a practical training on specific topics, such as , design methods, building materials. The main goal is not only to pass knowledge to the participants, but also to enable them to use this knowledge in a creative and an innovative way. Consequently, the participant will be able to achieve many improvements in the practical and professional levels in all fields of Architecture and Engineering. Some of the most important workshops that IEREK offer are:

  • Primavera Course: – Using the Project management software to create a work breakdown structure. – Schedule the projects and optimizing the project plan. – Time management and Cost Estimation
  • Project Management Professional (PMP): – Having the most industry-recognized certification in project management. – Scope management, Time & Cost Management, Quality Management. – Communication Management and Risk Management.
  • BIM (Revit Architecture): – Applying design ideas and concepts in a suitable modelling techniques. – How to produce an efficient Building Information Model. – How to produce an efficient 3D-Model which is accurate enough to be constructed.
  • BIM (Revit Structure): – Setting-up levels and a grid of columns in buildings. – Construction design analysis. – Link the constructed works to fit with Architectural works as well.

Previous Workshops


As one of the leaders and most avid supporters of the research and academic community, IEREK has always endeavored to develop and enrich innovative production. Constantly advocating for forward-thinking became our modus operandi.p>
Because of this driving passion, we’ve hosted many successful workshops where participants were able to widen their horizons and feed their love of their craft using real-life applications and concentrated, global, expert knowledge. We’ve hosted schools abroad in such locations as culturally rich Italy and the diverse United Kingdom, where our future architects received an enriching and engaging learning experience on subjects.
It has taught us what one could gain from investing in themselves. Studying overseas has many fantastic benefits, from helping you find a good job to improving your social life. A few of these benefits are compiled here.

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